First day — ۱۰۰ Advanced days of my life

Hi guys, I am Edris Ranjbar and here I wanna share with you my progress in these 100 days. It is the first day; Today I started this challenge to improve my skills in Programming and specially Back-end web development. and to be unset, writing these stories improves my English skills.

Let’s start!!!

Today I woke up early in the morning then I said prayer (Because i’m Muslim), after that I go to shop and I bought something for breakfast; I came back home and eat my breakfast which was Barbari bread (kind of bread in Iran) and some fried eggs. and Now i’m starting work on my projects [I’m a freelancer by the way 🙂 ], I have to work on four project every day, so it’s kind of my routine plan but I should say that it has lots of things to learn for me, Social media management, Planning, study, programming, SEO and lot’s of things that every day I’m busy with.
Photo by Fatos Bytyqi on Unsplash
First project that I’m gonna work on it; is ICLE Group which is an English teaching Group in Iran. I’m coding a theme for WordPress for this Group that has a index page, some extra pages and an online store. in this case i’m using Woo-commerce which is very powerful WordPress plugin for making E-commerce. then I post some products and connect site to Zarinpal payment getaway. when coding finished, I test my codes and then as you know “git commit” and “git push” easy :).
Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash
also I have some another project that I have to work on it; but this story is going to be long, so I wrap it up.
Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash
I edit some photos with Photoshop and publish on some social media such as Instagram, Facebook and etc. . and at the end watching laravel tutorial (laravel is a php framework), have a meeting with friends, reading a story book which is translated in Persian and if I was not tired I record another part of my webdesign tutorial. follow my challenge. Thank you all Good bye!

منتشر شده در ۱۳۹۸-۰۳-۲۲
توسط ادریس رنجبر

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